Around where I am I never see cops shooting laser and if they are I am nowhere around it thankfully. This is the first time (s) that I have gotten it to go off for real. The other times were it getting messed up from my navi screen. Heres the times though:

70 east heading towards Indy for a car meet we had and a guy in the group is way ahead and calls me up and says at 70 and 57 there is a cop on a bike shooting radar. I walkie my other buddy with the RX65 and about 45 secs later I get LASER nad there he is. I had already slowed down so no worries.

Tonight I am heading home and in no rush but need to get over in about two miles when for a second I see a blue light and I think 'there must be a cop up there.' 44 kinda curves a bit right before you enter Saint Louis city and when it straightens I see a cop behind a guy who is getting off at the next exit. My exit. Grrrrr. I need to get over and because the cop the two right lanes are kinda crowded. I was in the middle one so I speed up to 60 from about 57 with 90% of the traffic (PSL is 55) and all the sudden LASER and I do nothing but look and look and there he is. Standing outside his car pointing at us. There was no one to my left and since the guy next to me and the one next to him were doing 60 (as well as the people behind and a bit in front of us) he didn't do much. I guess he was shooting for his buddy and when he was gone he would shoot anyone doing anything excessive.

Honestly had I not seen the first cop I would of had NO idea they were out there tonight. Score one for the 8500!