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    Default 9500i: Change the distances of Alerts for Marked Locations?

    I've been fiddling with my 9500i, and when i set camera locations in downtown and such, I hate the lengthy distance at which it tells me ahead of time, I don't need a 1 mile notice of a red light cam in downtown, it's unnecessary.

    So I was wondering if there was a way to reduce the alert distance, to say, 500-1000 ft.?

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    Slow down to under 55 when marking it. it will put it at 1/2 mile.

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    Yea. most downtown lights i've marked are at about 10mph. but even 1/2 mile is unnecessary. it alerts me when i'm on the freeway about a camera i marked in downtown cause i'm 1900 feet away from it. Sucks.

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    Thats what I do not like. If you are and direction away from the marked point you get these alerts.

    I am unmarking the points I have in the unit (Wife's request since it is her unit) it also drives me crazy with the alerts while in the city area.

    I hope they have feedback on this and come up with something of a fix it is useless the way it is now with multiple cams or marked locations within a 1/2 to 1 mile of each other.
    I just let my GPS using free red light/ speed trap POI do the work of the above.

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    I only use it for speed traps, the 1/2 under 50mph and 1mi over 50mph works fine for that.
    I donít find my self wanting to blow red light cameras much. Hopefully we will be able to set the radius when the software is released by the end of the summer.



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