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    Default Laser alerts in heavy rain?

    Has anyone else had problems getting laser alerts when driving in the rain?

    I drove from northwest NJ to upstate NY and had about 5 laser alerts over about 35 miles. It was raining pretty hard, streaky windows (wife's vehicle), and at night. The only thing I can think of was led brake lights on 18 wheelers? Or it was somehow confusing the signs with radars on them? I was using the power cord that came with the unit.

    I also had a day where I could not get the GPS to lock in. TomTom had about 9 satellites. This is in my car -- power from RVM. It was not the same day as the laser alerts; about a week before. It has been okay since, except for today it took about 3-4 minutes to get a GPS lock.

    Any advice welcome. May be time to send it back for test/calibration?

    9500i Blue 4707

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    Laser alerts can be caused my certain brake lights or guidance systems.Having a hard time getting a gps signal can be due to where you have it mounted.If you have it real high up,the antenna may be blocked a little since the antenna is right behind the buttons.



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