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    Hey guys i haven't been on here since i bought my X50. But now that i have had it for a few months i am going to get on more see if i can't learn so more, and try to help some ppl out.

    But, i have a question about "rev" what is it and how do i find out what "rev" my x50 is on.

    I hope it isn't a dumb question, i just want to have everything up to date.

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    Do a hard reset and the unit will display the Rev upon power on. To do a hard reset hold the front mute and the top 2 buttons during power on. This will erase all your settings you've programmed so remember to set them back.

    You can also get a rough idea from your build date, but the reset will actually display it for you.

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    Generally I would say it's not a dumb question, but seeing how there is a giant Sticky at the top of the forum with directions on how to do this, yes, in this case, it's a pretty stupid question.



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