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    Default Hardwire cord options? shows two

    The basic one and the smart cord one. I am honestly leaning towards the basic one. The only thing I like about where the cord is now (in the cigarette lighter) is that I can yank it out to turn it off. With the hardwire I would have to unplug it since my OFF switch is still out :0

    Should I look into the smart cord? Is the only benefit the MUTE? I wish it had a kill switch on it to be honest.

    If I go the smart cord route I have a spot just under the instrument cluster near my cruise control button I could place it. Should fit that little oval face. My camera is in the shop so no pic but I think it is a great place. I posted on my car board about splicing into steering wheel controls but they basically said no. Having control of the RD from the wheel would be about the coolest thing ever, IMHO.

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    I love my smartcord hardwired secretly under my center console right near my shifter. I wouldnt have anything but the smartcord. I find myself mute K after 1 bleep at this point since I have not seen K by leos so it is real convenient.

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    Definately go with the Smart Cord, when your stuck in traffic in front of 10 door openers you'll need a mute button.

    I wouldn't splice into something as important as the steering wheel... Imagine what would happen if something went wrong while you're driving. Get an Add-a-Circuit for 10$ and no need for splicing. See the video I made in my sig for more details.



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