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    Default Reset 8500 a couple weeks ago and now laser goes nuts

    I did a reset on my 8500 two or three weeks ago and since this past Thursday I have gotten four laser hits and none of them show a LEO in the area at all. Most recent was early this morning on my way to Sam's Club. I was expecting some X hits but not laser. Prior to this it has gone off twice and both times I saw a cop shooting at us.

    Is it my vehicle? This didn't happen at all in my car but the past week I have been driving a relatives van to move stuff. I have it mounted up high near the mirror. It's weird I drive faster in that van than I do in my own car!

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    It's probably noise in the van's electrical system causing the falses, especially since you say it only happens there and not in your car.

    Is there any pattern to the falses? For example, does it happen when you hit a certain RPM, for example, or when you honk the horn or use the wipers?

    Is this the first time you've used your 8500 in that van?
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    This is the second time I've run it in this particular van. Last time I had it down low which pulled a ton on the cord. I like having it up high.

    Two times I have been accelerating when it has happen and the other two I was just driving at 60-65 when it hit me out of nowhere. Do you think a particular something did it?

    Thanks for the help. That is very interesting about certain things in the car.



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