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    Default Why I didn't buy the smartcord


    I went by Best Buy this afternoon to see about getting a hardwire for my Escort. I called three of them the past couple weeks and they all seemed to know what was up but not this one. I asked the guy about a hardwire for a 8500 and he called the install guys and said 'yeah he had one' and ran down there and got it for me and came back and I said thanks and walked away and when I looked down I saw it was the smartcord and debated over it for about 15 mins then handed it back and left. He said they didn't have any 'basic' ones and that I would need to get one from Escort.

    So I did. Ordered a basic hardwire kit and a new bracket today. Guy was cooltoo and hopefully I can hardwire it in over the holiday weekend.

    I was going back and forth on the smartcord though. I like things looking OEM as possible and the only way to put it where I would of wanted it (ashtray) would of taken a lot of time. Last May I put in an OEM navigation system and had the whole car torn apart so I know what's up but still said nay. Just plan on tapping something in the moonroof control area.

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    And it would be a shame to cut-up that gorgeous wood, too, to "embed" the control....

    How about relocating the control to be surface-mount, on the central console, in the area between your right thigh bolster and the console?


    Note: if you're planning on a ZR4 or ZR3 upgrade, once the jammer and the detector are "linked," it will utilize a much smaller, much less high-profile button.

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    I just installed a smartcord and placed the mute button on the side by my thigh. It is easy to see and get to plus its not noticeable to anyone but me.
    I switched from the std cord to the smartcord when I changed from an 8500 to a 9500. The 8500 has the mute button on the front next to the display. The 9500 has it on top and being that the detector is above my line of vision it was hard to see.



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