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    Default Just received X50...Preferred set-up or programming?

    Just received my X50 yesterday..first detector I've had since my teen years. What are the first steps I need to do to get it set up or programmed the right way? What mode, what to turn on/off and etc.?

    Mostly do highway driving , currently in Indiana but will be relocating to Florida in a couple of weeks, so wondering what set up works best down there? Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Run it in Highway mode and keep KA, K, X and Laser on...You can turn on POP if you want but it does add some POP falses and if X falses too much turn it off

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    First thing first....turn it to Expert Mode to track multiple bogeys

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    I like the LOUD tones as well. I run my pilot light as a single letter H, A, or C. Fast start up. X-off PoP-off

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    Just drive along with it and see what you like. My setup is as follows:

    Automute off, when my stereo is up I can barely hear it when its full blast if at all.

    Tones set to loud, reason read above

    Expert Mode, multiple bogeys

    Fast start up, gets annoying listenin to it start up in full.

    Your personal preference on the display when not alerting...there is plenty to choose from.

    I run mine in HWY mode 24/7

    There is no X band threats that I know of around here so X is off.

    Pop falses to much I turned it off.



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