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    Default Remove Display for remote mount? 9500i

    I want to mount the 9500i Directly behind my rearview mirror or integrate the mirror case and the 9500. I'd like to run the display elsewhere. I would guess the power going to the display wouldn't support 6-7 ft of wire to a remote location. Is there a way to amplify the power inline to allow this idea to work?

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    I am going to look at how things are done with the 9500ci remote display. A good while back I read some of the tech bulletins on the Avago Technologies web site (manufacturer of the displays which Escort uses) and noted that display brightness is controlled by pulse width modulating the power to the display.

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    Custom Installed Remote Escort in NSX

    Courtesy of <<JAZZY>>

    Don't know if that helps in any way, as it is not precisely what y'all are discussing.



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