I rode with my dad and his wife out to our family thing and left my car and RD in my gym parking lot. Late last night I rode over with his wife in our other car and she took my car and I took the one we were driving but also took my rad and the smart cord.

Left the bracket in there since my new one was at home so I didn't get to use my RD until I left earlier this morning. Last night was just me and the road and only saw one LEO with a person pulled over.

I know some weeks ago I was out in a high cop area on a Saturday night for a wedding and it was going nuts on my way to take my brother home.

Just curious to see. Hope everyone had a good and safe holiday! I love the Fridays ones. Last years fourth was a Wed, right? I know I took off the two days after and ended up getting sick and having to work on Sat. Blahhhh.