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    Default 9500i to 9500ix upgrade around $100??

    so i just talked to "aaron" on the escort site, and he said that the upgrade price will be "around 100". I told him i believe it should be 80, considering i feel like my 9500i tacked on the gps without it being particularly useful in the events of hearing a redlight camera marked from a mile away.

    usually i forget "red light camera, ahead" by the time i travel that one mile in downtown...

    he said, "well, 80 is around 100." and that they "haven't yet figured out pricing for the upgrade." but that "it will allow you to change the notification distance"


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    Is 50 around 100? cause isn't that how much more it cost if you were to choose either an 9500I or 9500IX?

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    I dont think it will be cost effective for the buyers to upgrade their RDs.
    You better off buying outright the ix

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    well you get the 3 yrs of upgrades. so that's $30. that plus the $50 price difference would be acceptable to me...

    obviously id rather them do this free since our port is apparently serving no purpose though it was promised to.



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