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    Default X50 verses 9500i on interference?

    Way back when (not that long )......

    My X50 blue had only one problem.
    It would frequently lock on an Xband signal from no alert to FULL alert and hold it until the unit was shut down and restarted. This became really annoying.

    The X50 was sent back several times within the warranty period.
    The first time to "repair the antenna"
    The second time to "replace the antenna"
    And the third time to "replace the whole board" (which essentially left me with a new X50).

    Even after a new X50 board was installed, this problem continued a few times a week. The detector would be dead silent, then suddenly locked on a loud FULL ALERT X source that would not resolve without shutting down or unplugging the unit. When you did so, there would be no sign of the X alert encountered...which obviously led me to believe it was a malfunction every time. I tested it in multiple vehicles with the same result, and it occured in very different areas, so there was no tell tale constant aside from ME being in the vehicle with it at the time. This led me to believe it was something I had on me, like a cell phone etc.

    So my question is.......what kind of differences would keep the 9500i from having this problem that the X50 did? Same vehicle, same routes, same cell phone I've had since then etc. and the 9500i (knock on wood) has yet to lockup like this.
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