Earlier today I was in an area where the 8500 has not been before. Just a big shopping area with a Wal Mart, PetCo, Home Depot and so on.

I pull in and as I am heading by the Office Max (I think) the K band goes from one bar to five and is nuts and I am on the phone and my right arm is killing me from some 'surgery' I just had on my neck and I think they gave me too much numbing stuff and it was dead, so instead of hitting MUTE I just yank out my broken smart cord (I am in our other car which isn't hardwired). It's like my quick release since the little tab broke off.

As I pulled it out, I see a screw fall out and I think 'What the hell?' so once I park I grab my phillips from te toolkit in the trunk and see this!

I guess it was from a few weeks ago when I had taken the unit apart. That or years of use and heat really wreaked havoc on the plastic. Ouch.

I guess I am lucky to be looking at an X50! Although it's not too bad. The only one still OK is the rear one and that part has a small crack in it too. I am afraid to glue it since it may go in for repair one day. I guess until then I will buy some new, longer phillips from ACE. They've been good to me before when it comes to weird screws. I only have two screws at this point. I guess the other one came out and is on the floor, in the travel bag or lost for good. Tear.