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    Default I emailed Escort to see how old my 'revision number' was

    Here is what I said:


    I purchased an Escort model 8500 from a local person a few months back and by doing a reset on the unit the display informed me the 'Rev.' was 'Rev. 13.'

    How old is my unit based on that information?

    Would sending the unit in for a 'tune-up' revise that edition or nay?

    Thanks in advance,


    To which they replied:


    The revision number you were displayed places your detector between 6 and 7 years old. However this does not mean you will need an update to your firmware as the 8500 was built to last a long while right from the factory. There are no new bands or frequencies of radar or laser in the US, so no up-date is required at this time. So there is no need to send in any 8500 series model on a regular basis to help it perform better.

    Radar Laser Experts
    5440 West Chester Road
    West Chester Ohio 45069

    Customer Service Department
    8 AM - 6 PM M-F EST

    Sales 1-800-433-3487

    I thought I would do them a courtesy and include their number. They did call me Sir Edward!

    I give them props for not saying 'yes, send us your money.' They were honest and just said no which is cool of them.

    I do get an improvement when I reset the unit though and to keep it up to par maybe I need to do it weekly.

    Still though I would like to upgrade. My sisters friend is apparently 'giving here' a $4-500 Escort after she saw mine on Saturday night and was asking me about it. This of course peaked my interest and I told her if this malakry did happen then I would buy it from her and give her my 8500. I will let the board know.

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    Yes, I had the same experience recently and posted on it. They were a tad more snarky with me as I told them I purchased the 8500 of eBay.

    Interesting reply from Escort

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    Yeah I remeber that. I was having problems deciphering their true intentions in that reply!



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