On the Escort site, it says latest Detector Tools is version 1.1. Download zip says the same.

However, if you look at the msi installer file, it'll say version 1.0 if you hover your mouse cursor over that file. Also, when you open the program and minimize it to the toolbar (or not??), it shows Detector Tools v1.0 in the Windows XP toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

Very odd.

Then I noticed the "AutoVolume" and "AutoPower" have the same text in the "Options" tab window (both talk about the microphone being turned on or off.

The Z3 and Z4 Shifter selection options is a little confusing as well.

Updating ran without a hitch. I used my portable air compressor that has a 12 volt socket on it to power it up. Just need to put that update file that is downloadable into the correct folder first.

User software must be Escort's growing pains.

But boy is this thing silent. Seems to filter some LED taillights better than the 9500i does in traffic. Just wish the Redlight camera warning was more than 300 feet. I can skid further than that!