I've told some people about it and this morning I tried to get a newspaper to put it in the 'baragin box' section of the classifieds but none of the paper things had anything in them! so I decided I would break my rule and throw it on the list of craig.

I really want to get upgrade to an X50 and the only way is to first sell my 8500.

We'll see if I get any bites. I love the unit but when I found out it was 6-7 years old I figured it was time to get something a bit newer. Detection has been pretty good, actually. It's picked up one of those 'Your Speed Is' K-band things from almost a 1/4 mile away and it is on a service road 100+ feet from the highway. Even when I am headed south home, it's facing south and I still get up to four bars by the time I pass it.