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    Default 9500CI Radar Mount Idea: What do you think

    Hey, when i get the CI i wanted to mount for ultimate performance. Well the grill mount is going to give you amazing performance but i would like more. So ive been running accross some ideas and wanted to see what you guys thought.

    This mounting idea is first -- And the only problem i see with it is not getting the reflections off the hood like it would inside the cabin pointing a little towards the hood.

    Idea 1:

    The 2 black boxes above the windshield is where i would put it. One of the boxes is useless (just for looks and to make it flow with the other box). It would be discreet and it would look good.. (not like it looks there.) Plus I would have a screen or piece of glass or something that would cause no interferience but would also protect it.

    Idea 2:

    I think i like that better in general. I would create a cad version of the box to fit it in.

    Box: Here's a couple simple paint renditions of the box design

    Idea 1:

    I think the incline, instead of pure box would improve performance maybe and make it able to pick up reflections better.

    Idea 2:

    Just a box thats square.

    Thanks, and please discuss it. Like problems, corrections, ideas, technical data, etc.
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    Default Re: 9500CI Radar Mount Idea: What do you think

    Here is what I did as a temporary test setup for my 9500ci antenna:

    -- Attached some more Superlock tape at the top of my windshield next to my RVM.

    -- Used an old large suction cup RD bracket (minus the suction cups and with Superlock tape installed in place of the suction cups) as was commonly used two decades ago to attach bulky RDs to the windshield.

    -- Bent the bracket so that its bottom side was level.

    -- Installed Velcro atop the 9500ci antenna and to the bottom side of the old large suction cup RD bracket.

    You can occasionally find these old brackets on eBay. The Velcro allowed me to take the antenna down and hide it under my car seat, but of course you wouldn't be able to do this if you hide the antenna's cable behind your headliner unless you installed two RJ11 plugs and used an inline coupler so that you could quickly disconnect the antenna from the rest of its cable.



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