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    Default Anyone ever been so sure of a LEOs location you missed the real one?

    Yesterday morning I was running a little late so I was going faster than the PSL of 55. I stayed right at 65 so nothing too big. Thanks to some cars I had made my way over to the almost far left lane. One over from the passing lane heading west on 44.

    White Car next to me going the same maybe a bit faster when I start to get weak Ka hit.
    (Background: Here in STL they shut down one of our big highways 40/64 and converted the other two (70 to the north, 44 to the south) to one extra lane to compensate. Meaing that there is not a lot of areas for cops to rest and shoot radar since you'd be feet if not inches away.)

    I know of three good spots where cops will generally shoot and once it went off I assumed it was here. Google Maps Look where the road apexs near that tree that sticks out more than the others. That is where they like to hide and I assumed I was picking him up. (EDIT: Picked up a LEO shooting drivers heading eastbound. LEO hides on eastbound.)

    Got up to high bars and this white car is still next to me a just ahead. I am going 63-65 and didn't care when a car clears my line of sight to the right and there is a white Crown Vic sitting on the side of the road. D'oh! On that map he was right where the 'Sappington Road' is or a little before it. I forget where I started to pick him up but it was about forty seconds from that time to when I passed him.

    It was in that area I got my speeding ticket back in Feb but I am confident that I passed him and that he was not shooting since it was 'rolling radar' on the ticket.

    Just goes to show you don't get too confident in your areas lol!
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