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Thread: Updating 9500ix

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    Default Updating 9500ix

    Instructions say to save file in detector data folder, can't find that anywhere. Please help.


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    First time I ran it, it made the "Detector Data" folder under "My Documents." Just put your downloads into it and run them from the "Detector Tools" program.

    If not, create the folder under "My Documents" and it will operate as the same.


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    Thanks ! that's where it is.

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    Default Re: Updating 9500ix

    What would prevent the p2p of the database and circumventing Escort's revenue stream?

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    Supposedly the key somehow is linked to the individual unit. I asked "If I had two units, do I need two subscriptions?" Their answer was "Yes."

    I hoped I could use my one-year $19.95 subscription and the 3-year for the upgraded one combining them to 4 year for both. But no. That idea appears dashed now.

    I have a feeling Detector Tools somehow knows something of what unit goes with what download, or maybe it only allows one installation of that download and no more?

    I'm awaiting my upgraded version to be returned and I'll try and see if it will update with the version I installed in the new one I bought.




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