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    Default 9500CI: 33.8 Audible Ramp-UP observation.

    Has anyone else ran into much 33.8 with the CI yet? I am blown away at how much 33.8 there is in KY and I've had 4 encounters so far. Being it auto mutes the alert, I just assumed that all the Ka bands would act the same. However, yesterday on the way to the airport I ran into a Lexington local running 33.8 Constant on, alert total was a little over 2 miles with both of us moving at each other, and the ramp up had that extra bit of urgency that we have been wanting. I still got the sudden burst, but after the first mile of the alert it went to another stage. This is something I've never observed with it on 34.7.

    Now if we can just get a option to have a linear Ka ramp up instead of this full burst.

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    Default Re: 9500CI: 33.8 Audible Ramp-UP observation.

    I don't have any 33.8 where I live.



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