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    Angry Escort 8500

    I have used Escort radar detectors for over 20 years, and have generally been very happy. But the 8500 models "laser" malfuctioned almost right after one year.
    Thinking that I had a bad one, I bought a different unit, because this unit should have lasted longer, for the price I paid.
    Now I learn, that this quite a "common problem" and that I am not alone.
    When I called Escort, all they want is sell me a new one, or pay $80.00 for repair, while insisting that interference is a problem, and that they have had no other complaints. The rep. was very blunt calling me an expert on detectors, at which point I told him goodbey.
    Customer service is out the door.

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    (pssssssssssst look into a v1)

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    Sorry to hear about your bad experience with service. I had excellent help when I sent mine in recently (4 yr old Rev 5). Mine was even missing the serial number so they had me fax them the receipt from Ebay. For 69 dollars I got a like new X50 with a new serial number. Just curious where you heard this was a common problem?

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    I agree with fire65 on this one. I don't consider the OP's problem common. These are sensitive pieces of electronics that we users regularly subject to a very harsh environment. These things happen sometimes. I call it bad luck.

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    Mem-tek answered someone with this same problem. I found that and used it myself, and no problems since. I think it was the horn to board screws or something like that.



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