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    Default 9500ci Review from radartest

    You guys have prolly already seen this, but I hadn't. I like the fact that they showed the exact install locations of the ci elements along with the results. – Best radar detector reviews from the world’s most respected authority.

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    Default Re: 9500ci Review from radartest

    Interestng article, he tested the unmentionable jammer too, interesting the unmentionable was practically useless, but did jam the Stalker slightly.

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    Default Re: 9500ci Review from radartest

    Everyone, remember that mentioning the unmentionable company or brand is a no-no on this forum, and will get you immediately banned for mentioning the unmentionable company name or any of its products -- period! Also remember that you can NOT ask why the unmentionable company or products can not be mentioned on this forum. This is a very strict policy and is for a very good reason.

    This is just a "heads up" for forum newcomers who may not have read the forum rules.



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