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    Default Escort Safety Warning System useless.

    Escort Radar company need to delete the SWS in their radar detectors, that features never use. Better use for something else.
    I agreed with Mike V, he will never put that SWS in his radars.
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    Default Re: Escort Safety Warning System useless.

    Its nice to hear you agree with Mike V. so much, that you decide to make a post and tell everyone this... but its really not needed.

    Only the most recent Escorts have it...

    Its called turning that option OFF if you don't like it on your unit. Also don't buy the unit if you really dislike the feature that much.

    Maybe the reason why Mike V. doesn't have it on the V1 is because its ancient design cannot display any other type of warning then it does right now? Just a thought.

    (Though I agree with you, and I don't use the feature, starting a thread to bash the Belscort units and complaining about something that can be turned off by the user is just pointless... and this is why my reception of your post was so bad).

    Next time you want to make a post like this try starting a poll that is something like: (It will make you look less like a zombie).

    Do you use the SWS feature on Belscorts?

    Just trying to help (with the EDIT section) since I see you are a 'newer' member...
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