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    Default Escort 8500 x50 first couple of weeks.

    I'm well aware of how RDs work and how they don't work. I'm not the type to outright speed and go 15 over the limit, but I just recently bought a Mazda 6 and it's a bit quick compared to my old truck. I bought this because on several occasions I would be going 15 over and not even intending to. I have been pulled over twice in the past few months and didn't get a ticket, but I think I'm about due for one - hence why I bought this.

    anyway, I live in Iowa and it seems like a lot of the cops here don't have their radar on at least when they are moving. For a while I didn't get much use out of it and even on the highway I got little to no warning the first time it actually went off. I blame this on the curve I was going around at 75mph.

    I totally understand that it wont go off if the cop doesn't have their radar on and that this is not a LEO detector. I guess I just had to be patient.

    I've read the manual and set it up the way I want it. I used EXP for a bit, but I went back to STD just to get used to it some more. I drive a lot of city and turned the X to low. It goes off almost every time I go past 2 specific locations and I've just gotten used to it.

    Yesterday and today were the first time that I got real use out of it. I was getting on the highway yesterday and accelerating (this is when I'm not paying attention to speed, getting into traffic and then I end up going 15 over) and my x50 blared letting me know something was around. I was going up a hill, came over the hill and saw a state trooper that had someone pulled over. Thought it was it, but then it stopped beeping/blinking. I kept my speed down and then it went off again. I was kind of confused, but then I saw an SUV in the median turning around. It flew by me going at least 80mph. My RD was silent until about 15 seconds later. Turns out it pulled over the car in front of me. It was all very interesting to me that I knew this was going on and I don't think I would have noticed the completely unmarked SUV without my RD!

    And finally, tonight I was driving down a main road through town. 3 lanes both ways and posted 45mph. I usually drive 50, but my RD blared again and I looked for the LEO but saw absolutely nothing. I guess this is because I haven't quite learned how much I can trust my RD yet. I'm still paranoid. I couldn't see the LEO anywhere, but it kept blaring and I kept my speed down. I hit the mute button and continued about a half-mile until I finally saw him just turning his headlights off and sitting on the side of the road. I was quite surprised at the range that I had detected the LEO. I was delivering pizzas and I went past him one more time (this time coming from the rear) and I still got a really good signal at decent range.

    This brings up one question. If I can detect the LEO that far away, does that mean it's possible he knows how fast I am going? It was pretty far away and there were only a couple other cars on the road at the time. I'm always worried that even though my RD might go off and I slow down, that it will be too late. He was using Ka band by the way.

    Sorry for long post I stopped by here months ago and decided against an RD until now and I'm pretty happy with it so far!

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    Default Re: Escort 8500 x50 first couple of weeks.

    A safe rule of thumb is if he can see you he can get your speed. He also needs to know which of the cars are coming his direction is speeding. Most radar can get your speed at a maximum of ~5500ft, however conditions, curves, LEO's eye sight can decrease that range dramatically. If the LEO is in moving mode (driving with his radar on) his range is about 1/2 of when in stationary mode (not driving)
    In the end if he sees you he’s got you.

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    Default Re: Escort 8500 x50 first couple of weeks.

    Hi that1guy64,

    Everything CJR138 said is right on the money. Note that low power Ka radar guns, due to their low power, do have more limited range. Also note that cops are supposed to establish both a visual and radar/lidar speed tracking history. Its pretty hard to guess a car's speed at distances over 2,000 feet, especially when a car is directly approaching or receding from you. Thus most speeding tickets are written for clocking distances of up to a half mile and usually a good bit less.

    Anyway, you can use your X50's ramp-up to tell if you are in range. Assume that when your X50's ramp-up reaches a full alert then you are either very close to being within the radar gun's range or are now within the radar gun's range.

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    Default Re: Escort 8500 x50 first couple of weeks.

    Quote Originally Posted by that1guy64 View Post
    Sorry for long post I stopped by here months ago and decided against an RD until now and I'm pretty happy with it so far!
    You won't go wrong with the X50. Just know it's strengths and weaknesses. I still love mine.

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    Default Re: Escort 8500 x50 first couple of weeks.

    That x50 is a good first REAL detector. It just about won't go off (especially if you know X isn't used in your area and cut it off) unless there's a threat. Yet it has great range. FWIW, to help ID falses even better, you may consider spec mode. Search on here for the K and Ka frequencies and learn them. Then, in Spec mode, you can be even more confident as it will display the frequency of the transmission it's getting. In my experience, it's never been off more than a tenth of a GHz.



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