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    Default Red Light Cam(s) in Naples FL?

    My 9500ix told me there were two RLC's in Naples, Florida today. One was at davis and airport. The other was at pine ridge and airport.

    The problem is there are no RLC's at these locations..... Yet?

    Does this mean there will be RLC's soon?

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    Default Re: Red Light Cam(s) in Naples FL?

    Keyword yet. I know in my town last month's update (august) included a few intersections which had no camera. I guess word got back to the trinity "owners" and they were removed in September as the city is moving at the speed of government and still in "committe" on location (i.e. what intersections will reap the most money). I have seen the contractors sitting at various intersections counting cars, very obvious and I honestly think their first observations were muted once everyone was aware of potential RLC intersections. So they are back to the drawing board to figure out another way to draw that RLC revenue. I do not expect cameras to last long in my small town as everyone is conservative and aware of the nanny state wanting their money. I give the cameras the length of the initial contract and RedFlex will pull out and move to the "blue" areas of Texas just to the south of me.

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    Default Re: Red Light Cam(s) in Naples FL?

    A lot of municipalities are removing RLCs because they aren't profitable enough. So some of these errors in the database might be former camera locations.



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