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    Default 8500 X50 doesn't alert

    I got two: X50 and V1 last August. Tested them both. Pop is on. As compared with V1 (which is perfect), my X50 remains silent. It mainly alerts on door openers. It doesn't get warm. Who's experienced the same?

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    Default Re: 8500 X50 doesn't alert

    I don't think I understand the question. You say you tested them. What kind of test? The V1 will most of the time out perform the X50 in distance, but the X50 is a great RD, I own 2 of them. You need to tell us more about the testing you did and the problem with them. What different cars are they in? How are they wired? What settings are you running?

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    Default Re: 8500 X50 doesn't alert

    The X50 is much less sensitive to extremely off-axis weak X/K band sources such as door openers, almost certainly by design to cut down on city chatter. Have you tested against any real radar sources?

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    Default Re: 8500 X50 doesn't alert

    I wonder if Ingvar is referring to Ka band radar. He mentions that he has POP turned on, I guess on both radar detectors. Perhaps his V1 is alerting to Cobra radar detectors while his X50 stays silent? It would help to know what version V1 Ingvar has.

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    Default Re: 8500 X50 doesn't alert

    Also, are you running 2 at a time?

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    Default Re: 8500 X50 doesn't alert

    1. Pop is on, on both X50 and V1 (ver.3864)
    2. Lexus RX300. Subaru WRX. Both RDs visor mounted.
    3. How I tested them. Started from V1. It runs exceptionally perfect. City, I agree, many false alarms. But I have pretty long trips on highway, and these are of importance to me, not city. On highway, V1 hasn't yet passed a single threat, I've always hit the brakes on time. On the other hand, two cars. It's way not cool to take one RD to the other and back. I started using X50 in my WRX. Initially, was happy how quiet it was in metro areas. But when my X50 remained quiet at real k-band threats, I decided to try them both V1, and X50 at a time. Both were visor mounted, driver's and passenger's. Result: V1 alerts, X50 doesn't (or much later, when it's too late).
    4. There's also one thing I'm considering. V1 is warm. X50 is not (while its manual says it should be warm). Are yours warm?
    5. There's a great idea in X50, auto mute, expert display, etc. But what use of those if it doesn't alert the way it's expected to? Silencia is fine but I'd rather hit the brake on time than get a ticket...

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    Default Re: 8500 X50 doesn't alert

    Hi Ingvar,

    It sounds to me like something is definitely wrong with your X50. I would send it in for a check-up.

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    Default Re: 8500 X50 doesn't alert

    I once had an X50 that I suspected of not alerting on Ka band at all ... I literally never got a Ka alert with it. I never knew for sure since I did not have a Ka gun or speed sign close, but I was pretty positive.

    I swapped it out at Best Buy for a new one and I've had literally no problems with my current X50.




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