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    Default Laser false alerts on 8500 x50

    Recently, I have been getting a lot of these. Seems to have something to do with accelerating at a medium clip. I tried watching the voltage on the detector just before it goes off, but I don't see an increase or decrease. Happens day or night when there are no sources of an alert other than possibly sunlight or street lamps. Hard to reproduce as it does not happen at the same place, same time, every time, even if you try to drive the same way. Very annoying as it makes you want to back off the gas, just in case. It's about 3 1/2 years old and has been treated well.

    Anyone got any clues?

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    Default Re: Laser false alerts on 8500 x50

    Give these threads a try:

    possible cure for x50 false laser alerts
    wow x50 laser goes off when honking!
    Escort 9500i - False Lasers.....
    Electrical issues?

    Start your troubleshooting with the simplest methods, first.

    Do a hard reset on your x50, by turning on the power via the rotary while holding down all three surface buttons on the unit itself (remember you'll have to reset owner preferences afterwards, as this will cause everything to be reset to factory default).

    Next, check your wiring - including the cigarette/12V accessory plug end, if you're using that.

    Actual vehicle voltage, as well as the voltage that the unit sees from its power tap and/or 12V socket, is the next easiest thing to check.

    The snap-on Ferrite choke is probably the next easiest, up the scale, and it's cost is minimal, and easily available.

    Progress to deeper troubleshooting from there.

    Best of luck!

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    Default Re: Laser false alerts on 8500 x50

    Thanks for the great reply. I'll start trying some of the things mentioned by you and in the links you supplied.

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    Default Re: Laser false alerts on 8500 x50

    If all else fails and you have another power cord, give it a try. I gave a new power cord I had laying around to a family member couple days ago and suddenly the laser falsing on his X50 went away. His cord was also getting up there in age.



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