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    Just to start, Hi.

    I have been away from this forum for about a few months now. But yesterday, from scottsdale, I drove to Tucson.

    about a 300 mile drive.

    gotta say 8500x50 is good.

    caught meself 28 cops.

    yes i said it, 28.

    first they were hiding in the bushes along side I10 East. then later, when I approached the construction and such, there were 3 cops, Ka constant coming at me. I didn't see anything in front, then all of a sudden, a K popped up too. I was in spec mode. So I can see Ka, K and X. Two cops were trailing behind a 300 with a cobra (LOL THAT GUY WAS DUMB) then I looked forward, 1 cop on opposite side of road, I was doing 80 mph, and the two cops caught up to me, saw my radar center middle, they were blasting Ka's at me. What pissed off is that they followed me for at least 45 miles..yes..45, I would mute, they turn their radars off and on again so its annoying the heck outta me.

    anyways, I unplugged it, they left finally.

    but on my way, there were a lot of cops on both sides of the road.

    glad to say I can always trust escort.

    Just thought I would share.

    have a good day.


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    Where have you been? Somebody finally post bond? Anyway, its great to have you back!

    Those cops were just having fun messing with you. Kind of like a few of us forum members mess with other RD users by hitting them with Bushnell K band guns. They probably were amazed at how well your X50 was picking up their radar guns from behind.



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