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Thread: 8500 x50 Red

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    I've been using radar detector's since 1996 and consider myself a seasoned user, but something has been driving me nuts over the last two years. I have a Revision 5 Escort 8500 x50 that I bought 3 or 4 years ago and it has served me well. On the highway I never have a problem as cops usually use the K or Ka bands, but something is going on with the city cops where I live. Over the last year or two I notice these city cops pointing their hand held guns at me and my detector never signals any kind of alarm. I live in Denver CO and know where the cops hide on my way to work, so I watch for them as much as I rely on my detector. On at least a dozen occasions I have visually spotted mostly motorcycle policemen aiming their (what I think is) a laser gun at me and my detector remains silent. I have also noticed a few cops in their cars doing the same thing - pointing it right at me and nary a noise.

    Is there some new kind of radar band that doesn't exist in my Escort? I would at least expect the laser signal to light up when something like this happens, but no such luck. Let me know what you think this is. My detector is mounted high on my windshield using a bracket and suction cups and is not obstructed in anyway.


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    Hi Earl Scheib,

    Welcome to the forum!

    It sounds like the cops are targeting you with handheld laser guns. If they are using a Laser Atlanta laser gun in stealth mode, then you will not get any alert from your older S7 platform X50. You can check with Escort and ask if they have a firmware update which will allow your older X50 to detect all of the latest laser gun threats. On the other hand, maybe its time to start thinking about selling your older X50 and getting a newer radar detector. Regardless, if use of laser guns is way up in your area then maybe its time to get a laser jammer to compliment your existing X50.

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    Even if it is a laser gun the X50 can detect, police are good at hitting low on the front bumper and not setting of radar detectors.

    The X50 is a solid radar detector, but laser pretty much has to pointed at it, in order to get an alert.

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    Yes they are pretty good at hitting you and the RD not going off. I got hit the other evening and the V1 never went off but the Blinder was jamming away. Shocked me a bit because I always get an alert from the V1. Jammers are the only way to go if laser is a threat in your area.

    Around Atlanta I almost never see radar any more it's almost all laser.
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    Thanks for the replies. Here I am calling myself a seasoned user and I'm reading all of this stuff about S7 and M4 horns and have no idea what folks are talking about. Is that simply the platform the x50s were built on with S7 being the older model and M4 being the newer model? Is it the hardware or the firmware that this is referring to?

    I think I came to the right place for information on radar detectors. I like the looks of the Beltronics GX-65 as well as the Escort 9500i.

    There's one particular place that this Evil Kneivel cop aims his laser gun at me that makes me doubt the theory that they aim low at the bumper (I'm sure they do this, but in this location it would seem to be negated) and it's on a hill where he's at the top and I'm at the bottom, so it would seem that the signal would bounce when I'm like 1000 feet away from him, because the signal would be getting wider as it funnels down the hill. Maybe I'm wrong, but it makes sense what you are saying, I think they are using laser guns.
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    Laser guns emit really narrow cones -- merely inches to maybe 1-1/2 feet wide at close distances and around 3 feet wide at further distnaces of about 1800 feet. Sucks, doesn't it?

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    No matter what laser detection is just false security, you might get lucky and get scatter. I would keep your detector as long as it works and get a jammer, since it looks like laser is a threat in your area.

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    I was thinking about getting a laser jammer until I read they are illegal in Colorado. Not sure what would happen if I got pulled over and discovered, but I assume it wouldn't be a fun experience!! I'm not too good at playing "don't drop the soap" if you get my drift.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Earl Scheib View Post
    I'm not too good at playing "don't drop the soap" if you get my drift.
    That is by far the best one-liner from a new forum member which I have ever read!

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    Just thinking,

    Since jammers are illegal in CO, you might want to consider getting the rather affordable Cincinnatti Microwave ZR4 jammer since it can be configured for receive only. While the ZR4 doesn't presently have the best jamming capability, it nevertheless is extremely sensitive to laser guns at very long range and right down to the laser gun.

    Just a thought...



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