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    Default Picked up double Ka signals on one LEO

    This happened twice yesterday on my 400 mile trip back home coming up on I-57 in IL. As I passed a LEO he flipped on his radar and I got 2 Ka's at once! Seemed rather strange but then around an hour later I was getting a Ka and then another popped up almost the same instance, and there was one LEO on the my side of the road with a victim pulled over. After driving all this time through IL, I've never come across this.

    Later, in Indiana, I got the normal Ka's from the ISP and they were single signals.

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    1 car 2 antennas. You could have been picking up the front and rear antenna.

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    I have seen LEOs carrying two radars. Fix and a gun... Afriend of mine got a ticket and the officer told him that he got him with two radars gun and the fix.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CLTX11
    1 car 2 antennas. You could have been picking up the front and rear antenna.
    MPH Bee 3 radar unit in standard mode uses front and rear antenna's at the same time and the unit will tell LEO which direction is the target vehicle moving. LEO does not need to switch same direction or opposite direction but has the option to do it with this unit. You'll get 2 Ka hits in some LEO vehicles.



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