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    Default Positioning of RD unit


    New guy here and probably asking a noob question but I looked for an answer and did not really find one....What is the best positioning of an RD unit in your car? I just purchase a 9500ix ( BB w a 10% discount coupon...was this a good deal, or are there better deals out there? Let me know...).

    I have a 04 suburban and I've seen quite a few posters having their RDs mounted high. I have read that this is not always the preferred site because laser. I see that the best defense against laser is a jammer (looking into that now). Seeing that my vehicle sits higher than most of the other cars I've seen here, is it better that I mount my RD lower or keep it high?

    Any input will be appreciated!

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    Default Re: Positioning of RD unit

    Mounting low (4" to 6" above your dash) generally gives you a better possibility of detecting laser. If laser isn't used in your area then you might consider mounting it high and installing either a direct wire cord, straight SmartCord, or direct wire SmartCord. Check these items out on the the Escort web site's Shop Online page.

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    Default Re: Positioning of RD unit

    Thanks, I have it just above my dashboard due to my car being so high. I am not sure about the savannah, ga having laser but I am not taking any chances. Thanks for your input.

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    Default Re: Positioning of RD unit

    I just relocated my RD too this afternoon. Here in the bay area, CA, I see a lot of LEO with guns that I can't detect so I think they are using lasers since my 9500 is located just 2 inches below my rear view mirror. Now the RD is located just above the wiper blades, not blocked. I hope this will alert me more if I am being laser targeted.

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    Default Re: Positioning of RD unit

    I bought the little spring clip for the 9500ix to attach it to the visor.

    I think I know why Escort doesn't supply it. It cuts the GPS time-to-acquire way down, maybe 2-3 minutes trying to get a signal through the roof and overhead wiring. The laser head on the top is also affected since it is mashed up into the visor fabric. Buttons are hard to get at as well, although I rarely need to access them.

    I first tried one of those hidden slip-on detector covers but that extra layer pf plastic cut the acquisition time way down. Now I just wrapped it with some fabric that matches the color of the visor and punt. Still take 2-3 minutes to acquire a satellite lock, but at least I don't have to take it down each time I park.


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    Default Re: Positioning of RD unit


    -car- mount as high as possible around RVM, and you will have a reasonable chance of picking up laser.
    -truck- mount center mid/low, maybe 6" to a foot above dash. There is a very small chance of picking up laser in a truck because its so high and the front is so big.

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    Default Re: Positioning of RD unit

    I have a different opinion than those of my esteemed colleagues above. I think, the higher the better. I feel that obstructions are what limit a RDs ability to detect radar, whether that be a building, a hill or another car. With your truck already being higher than most cars plus having your RD mounted as high as you can get it, I think your radar detection will be at its maximum. Up high, you will get earlier detections as you come over a hill. Here is a video of me coming over a hill and my less sensitive V1 alerts slightly before my more sensitive 9500ci due to a higher mounting position.

    YouTube - 9500ci vs V1 on Forward Facing 35.5Ka

    As far as laser detection goes, lower would be better, but I'm of the opinion that on a raised truck with a truck sized front grill that I could tag you pretty easily at 500ft without ever setting off your 9500ix, wherever you mount it. Either way, it will probably be a ticket notifier for laser anyhow, so what's the difference? It looks as if you are already looking into a laser jammer anyway, which, in my opinion, is the only reliable method for dealing with laser threats.
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    Default Re: Positioning of RD unit

    Very good points...I agree that I would only be warned that I am getting a ticket. Pretty hard to miss a large white SUV on the highway. Thanks for the input!

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    Default Re: Positioning of RD unit

    I agree with the others - simply optimize for radar reception/detection.

    On such a large vehicle, particularly one with your beltline-to-greenhouse ratio, moving the detector down will help (search for ELVATO's x50 laser reception documentation, filmed on his previous-generation Ford Expedition, for a good visual) in terms of determining "true laser hits," but honestly, given the size of the vehicle and its frontal hardpoint profile, your best defense against laser would be to go on the offense, with a proper jammer setup, and reserve the in-vehicle detector for the lucky long-distance reflection/scatter catch, as well as "seeing through" other vehicles and downroad (all of which I place high value on).

    Given the elevation and sightlines, optimizing for radar reception with a high-mount would be of the biggest benefit, and I think greatly outweighs any consideration for laser, particularly given the tactical outlook.



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