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    Default The best place for the antenna 9500ci?

    I'm having problems with my 9500ci I had it professionally installed and leveled according to the instructions and there is no doubt in my mind to counter laser is working perfectly (getting hit going 80++ in 50 and walking away is all the proof I will need) but range of my radar is pathetic I tried it vs my V1 and it's not even close on k or ka (I have no x in my state and yes I was driving faster than 65 so GPS filter is not the problem).
    You can see it in that picture where I have labeled white spots approximately where my counter laser is in the red spot where my antenna, its perfectly and securely angled with a exception that it is pointing slightly to the left that is not a problem for me as the only concern is police cruiser driving towards me (the shoulder cops are not really any of my concern).
    It seems that I followed all the instructions in the manual but it still does not work is there something I can do to increase my range

    No its not my car but I cannot find my camera power adapter and GT is GT

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    Default Re: The best place for the antenna 9500ci?

    I had the exact same problem. We around have become quite convinced that mounting the radar antenna behind things greatly reduces performance. Also, if you're laser shifters are mounted behind that mesh, your performance will probably be pretty spotty.

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    Default Re: The best place for the antenna 9500ci?

    Major issues if it is behind that plastic bumper. even behind the mesh is better, but still bad.



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