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    Default Playing with 9500ci Truelock...

    Hi everyone,

    I've had AutoLearn turned off on my 9500ci since the day I installed it. For the past few days I was in Rome, GA since my dad was in the hospital for some tests. It occurred to me that Shorter Avenue would be a perfect test location for seeing what size lockout radius the 9500ci uses when manually locking out false alerts because Shorter Ave is loaded with tons of door openers for a straight distance of 3 miles. Shorter has everything -- door openers located close to the road as well as some which are located several hundred feet back from the road, X band door openers, K band door openers, combinations of X and K band door openers at the same location, plus either single or multiple door openers at the same location.

    So I decided to individually lock all of them out as I drove up and down Shorter Avenue. I also pulled into a couple of shopping centers which were set back from the road by a considerable distance and locked them out too. I had to return home yesterday evening so I didn't get to complete all of my tests, but I will when I go back to Rome on Sunday or Monday. In any event, it seems that when manually locking out door openers that the lockout radius is less than 1000 feet unless the door opener is right next to the road. In this latter case it seems that the lockout radius may be as large as 2000 feet or so.

    When I go back to Rome I will use my X and K transmitters along with my STi in spec mode to see the frequencies, to see how large the lockout radii are, and to see what percentage of locked out locations just happened to have a door opener which is on the same frequency as either my X or K transmitter.

    I also want to do some high speed manual lockouts of some shopping centers located north of Rome on Hwy 27 to see if the lockout radius is set to a larger size simply because I am traveling at highway speeds.

    Anyway, can anyone think of additional tests which I should perform when I go back to Rome?

    P.S.: The Rome police department now has brand new Chargers, and they are using both 34.7 and 35.5 Ka radar! I guess revenues from their red light cameras plus DUIs must be good.

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    Default Re: Playing with 9500ci Truelock...

    It sounds like they kept the 1/10mi to 1/2mi lock out radius depending on signal strength. If i recall the manual only states 1/2mi lock out radius for the CI.
    Can you test how it works in Auto mode as well? The speed lock out radius im curious about too.

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    I thought of another follow-up test which I should perform after completing the described tests. Once I am done with the described tests, then I will wipe all stored data from my 9500ci using the power-on button sequence which I discovered. Then I can perform the same tests again by instead using AutoLearn to lock out the false alerts. In this way I can see if AutoLearn does weird stuff like inadvertently setting lockout radii too large. I really wish Jimbonzzz would write a revised 9500i Commander which can read out the stored TrueLock data in a 9500ci. That would really be handy since it would allow me to see what is really going on. Even better would be if Jimbonzzz would decipher the TrueLock database format since we now can use RD Tools to save the lockout data to our computers. I would think that this latter idea wouldn't violate Escort's EULA in any way since Escort already allows us to export our lockout data to our hard drives.

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    Default Re: Playing with 9500ci Truelock...

    Interesting tests Mem-Tek. Well, I'm very intersted anyways...

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    Default Re: Playing with 9500ci Truelock...

    I'm interested in seeing the results too. I plan on using the AutoLock feature as I don't run across a lot of radar souces on my usual trips in the Vette. I will also have the V1 hunting K and Ka bands as a signal locator, so not too worried about locking out a real threat. But still interested if the lock out area size is different under different situations.
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