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    Default Wow, my 10 year old Escort Solo reported a real laser hit!

    On battery power, too!
    Awaiting the return of my beloved V1 that I sent to VR for a firmware update, I decided to mount (sts) my Escort Solo for temporary duty. I couldn't find the power cord, so I had it in battery mode. I bought the Solo new back in '96 I believe. EDIT: model no. 5110
    Anyway, driving home from work, on a big 8 lane section of the highway, I get a full blast of laser alert. I was doing about 8 mph over. I tapped the brakes and shave a few mph off my speed. It alerted for a good 5 seconds. I still don't see any LEO, until about another 10 seconds later I see a motorcycle patrolman 75' off the RHS of the highway in the grass under the shade of a big tree. The shade helped conceal him. When I saw him, he was still 1,000 feet or so away. There had been a big 'ol white suburban that passed me in the left most lane just before I got the alert. As I passed the LEO, he was doing a double take, looking at the Sub, then back at me, as if he wasn't sure if one of us were speeding enough to bother. But, that suburban passed me when I was doing 8 mph over and he never slowed that I could tell, yet I did.
    I had just put on Veil and laser shield a week or so ago. I wonder if it took awhile before he got punch thru on me...
    Anyway, I just thought it cool that my old Solo actually still detects laser pretty darn good, even on battery power
    BTW, when I got home, my tuned up V1 was sitting on my front porch, already sent back to me from V1's service. They even replaced the front and rear sensor lens...all for free.

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    I can't beleive this thread hasnt had a reply. Thats impressive for a 10 year old Escort.

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    That's what I thought. I was impressed it detected it so well.
    I remember when I used to use this detector all the time (usually corded) it would false a lot on laser, when in real bight sunlight. But I never encountered an actual Lidar gun before (as far as I know) with it until this incident.
    I read some posts where the V1 is knocked for false laser alerts, but it hasn't happened yet with mine.
    I haven't encountered a laser hit yet with my V1, but I'm sure I'll run into this motorcycle cop again, since it's on my route to/from work. Now that I have my V1 back from VR, I'm looking forward to seeing it pick up his lidar gun.

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    vr seem to replace the front and rear lens, i think its so they always look good!

    i'm not supprised your escort detected laser..... the escorts use pretty good circuits!



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