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    Default Escort Price and product realease questions

    So i was looking around the net today and came up with a few conclusions .

    Tell me if you thing this is right

    Escort seems to release a new version or new detector every year and 6months or so.

    Upon purchase of the most current unit resale value drops buy $150

    Here is what im thinking

    8500x50 320 retail 210ish ebay

    9500i released feb.2007 $450 retail 300ish - ebay

    9500ix released jul 2008 500 retail

    So anyway the whole point im trying to figure out is do you think the ix is going to be current for some time to come or will they come out with something else in a year ?

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    Default Re: Escort Price and product realease questions

    The ix should remain their top windshield mount detector for a while, haven't heard about anything in the pipeline in terms of something to replace the ix as the flagship windshield mount. They just released the C65 but its just a rebadged Bel Rx65 and marketed with a lower price tag.

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    Default Re: Escort Price and product realease questions

    the IX appears to have everything it needs to sit at the top of this mountain for some time. I kind of asked myself the same question and after reading a few reviews here, I'm having my 9500i upgraded since I get the feeling the ix will not be passed up any time soon.

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    Default Re: Escort Price and product realease questions

    Ix will be good for awhile i just got mine its a bad boy i love it best detector ive ever seen then something else always comes out just like everything else a new radar system who knows means a new radar detector to detect it or we would be out of work stuck with same crap

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    Default Re: Escort Price and product realease questions

    Yeah i know what you mean, It seems like any time i buy a new piece of technology the month after i buy it something new comes out . Happens every time .

    Maybe ill just stick with my 8500 x50

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    Default Re: Escort Price and product realease questions

    I am like you, I had my 8500 for many years because the technology didn't advance that much. But, when the 9500ix came out I bought it. Being able to update every month is the reason why. Also, no false signals anymore and now when it goes off it gets your attention. I just saved myself a ticket because of the speed cam alert. It was on a medium busy street and I was going with the flow. Also, it is more sensitive then the 8500. Good Luck.



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