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    Default 9500ci and False Laser Alerts

    I have the 9500ci in my '08 Targa, which is parked in my garage. The other day, my wife's 2004 Prius was behind the Targa, and she was in her car backing out of the driveway. I was in the Targa, with engine running, waiting for her to pull out so I could also back out of the garage and driveway. Her car has Daytime Running Lights- low beams that are always on, and are Xenon blue. My car was running, then she started her Prius- and that's when my rear laser alert went on and the 9500ci went into Shifter Mode. I assume the Xenon lights at close range (approx. 15 feet in daylight) caused the alert.

    I have had one other false alert, today on the crowded freeway at legal speed. I was under the impression that only a direct laser beam would trigger the alert/shift sequence. Are there other "environmental" causes of false laser alerts out there? Thanks, Checkerboard Nor Calif.

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