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    recently bought a used 9500i and was wondering if I could still get software updates from Escort or if I could send it in for a tune. Or am I SOL for being a cheap bastard? The website needs the original sales receipt. Just curious, thanks!

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    The website to download updates asks for your serial number off of the bottom of the unit to set up an account to download the updates.

    If the previous owner(s) never set up an account with that serial number, you should be able to set up your own account.

    If the previous owner(s) did, you'd have to send the unit in most likely as their system won't let you gain access.

    You could always find a buddy that has a 9500i and use his/her setup to download the updates, though. You just need access to the software and once you've got it, you can update any unit no problem.

    In any event, the one update that Escort released for the 9500i wasn't exactly groundbreaking.



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