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    Default Is my 8500 (non X50) on it's last legs?

    My wifes 8500 did something strange I think I may have read about here.

    Turned on the car and it went full blast KA and would not stop. Drove down the street and it kept going. Turned it off and on and then it was fine.

    Is it starting to die?

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    Default Re: Is my 8500 (non X50) on it's last legs?

    It's possible. First thing I would do is a full reset. Power down, hold down all 3 buttons and power it up. Also might put it in Voltage mode to make sure it is ok. Try it in another vehicle and see what happens.
    Probably worth 60 bucks to send it to Escort for a tune up or trade it in. Good luck.



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