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    Default Hello Everybody!, Escort SRX RD Placement?

    First, I would like to say hello to everyone on the forum. I am new to the world of radar detecting and laser jamming, so there is definitely some NooB in me.

    Ok, so recently I had an Escort SRX system installed on my '04 Acura TL. The installation went fine, but I am somewhat concerned about the location of the RD. From reading other posts, it was repeatedly stated that the RD should be placed without any obstructions.

    Well here is where they placed mine:

    Yellow = RD (note: the RD is located right behind the lower portion of the bumper, completely obstructed, it is not visible unless you get underneath the car)

    Red = Better locations for RD?

    Blue = Shifters

    The RD is mounted on the underside of a thin plastic piece, I could mount it on the topside of the plastic piece, and it would then be right underneath the Shifter with a less obstructed view through the lower grill.

    So if anybody has any suggestions or doesnt think the current setup will affect radar detection capabilities please post and let me know.


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    Default Re: Hello Everybody!, Escort SRX RD Placement?

    Since you've probably already cut the lower grile, I'd say the lower red position is where I'd go.



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