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    Default X50 user in need of assistance.

    Got the x50. Live in a somewhat small town. Overkill on ever encounter. I see Ka and K constant. I have a problem that I believe to be with the filter. It holds of falses that my cobra would pick up until the last second. Then it burst out a full strength alert. I'm used to it now and I just mute it until it shuts up. Should I send it in to get it fixed? or work around it?

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    Default Re: X50 user in need of assistance.

    K and Ka constant - are these encounters where you are seeing a patrol car? Many police do in fact run their radar constantly, and the X50 will pick them up sooner and stronger than the cobra did, so that would result in a longer period of listening to the thing going off.

    Do you have auto mute set ON? That should at least make this kind of thing less annoying.

    My X50 falses a lot less than any cheap detector I've ever had, but it will come on full alert for certain door openers that are close to the road. Drugstores are really bad for this. I don't think any detector is going to entirely eliminate this sort of thing, as the doors work on the same bands and in much the same way as police radar.

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    Default Re: X50 user in need of assistance.

    I think you fixed my problem. It's like you described. It goes crazy in the city. But I love it so far. The range is insane.

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    Default Re: X50 user in need of assistance.

    Is POP on or off?

    Try running in City mode with low or no X option enabled to cut down on false alarms.

    Don't disable any bands unless you are absolutely positively sure they are not used in your area.



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