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    Default Suction Cup problem.

    I think everyone can agree the suction cups on the x50 is horrible after you use them for so long. I bought my pops a pro-78 and took his suction cups and put them on my x50. We're both happy. Well he keeps asking to have my x50 but I keep telling him that's not going to happen. His rd somehow stays up with the escort cups and mine does with the whistler cups. There's one solution to that problem. Or you can just go buy

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    Default Re: Suction Cup problem.

    You do know there's a thread right below this one talking about suction cups right? Pointless thread!

    Stronger Suction Cups

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    Default Re: Suction Cup problem.


    I agree, but take it easy on him, he hasn't even broken 20posts yet.

    I have had my suction cups for years now, and not had any issues at all...

    Do you take them on/off with any frequency.

    At any rate, sometimes suction cups just suck (and not in the sticking to the windshield way).

    You can try your local crafts store... they may have some better ones.

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    Default Re: Suction Cup problem.

    Go here page 4: Stronger Suction Cups



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