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    Default So this "self cal" thing....

    So this "self cal" thing that i have read about on the X50's, is it common? I just bought one last week and now i'm paranoid and wondering if i should take it back! It hasn't flashed that yet but...Mine is going to be used every day and it is hardwired into the ignition to come on every time i start the car. Do the X50's have a short life? I have had literally dozens of radar detectors (mostly bel) but i thought i would buy one of the best, now i'm worried.

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    according to the escort manual it states this is normal...

    worry if the ''service required'' shows! then that means there something wrong. but this isnt always true as some people have send them in for nothing to be wrong.. and the bloke just reset it.

    dont worry if its new and under gurantee, if things go wrong just take it back!



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