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    Default Just Bought a 9500i

    Well I was browsing ebay as I often do and i sniped a new 9500i for a good deal I think. After a ebay coupon I had, it came to $322 shipped. After reading around here I see most ppl recommend to just go with the ix, but the only feature i would benefit from it is the autolock. For the price i got on the 9500i, i think its worth passing on that feature. I finally picked the 9500i over the v1 becuase I drive almost no highway. I use all suburban streets. Hopefully I made a good choice!

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    Default Re: Just Bought a 9500i

    You will be pleased as long as it works properly when you get it. I have thoroughly enjoyed my 9500ix. Speed Display, Spec and Expert Mode, and GPS Lockout are awesome features for a suburban driver!

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    Hi kuba,

    I think that you did. You will be amazed with how quiet the 9500i is around town if you use Auto Sensitivity mode.



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