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    Default 9500ix AutoLock...

    The below statement really makes me think about how AutoLock may work. If the below statement has any truth to what AutoLock is doing i may need to test AutoLock longer.
    Escort doesn't make this kind of detailed explanation but i would assume they got it from someone at Escort.

    This was from The Vancouver Sun:
    "Escort's new Passport 9500ix, a radar detector that's built to learn from its mistakes and to never cry wolf. The device utilizes an internal GPS antenna and logs radar frequencies detected in different areas. An auto-learn feature cross-references locations with signal frequencies and blocks out signals it encounters that are not speed traps. On first use, the detector will flash and beep with reckless abandon. But, over time, it will figure out which frequencies are fakes and which ones represent the police."
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    My guess is that this statement was written entirely by the reporter based on the reporter's observations after actually having used a 9500ix.

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    I saw the same statement in a couple of papers word for word, so i guess its just a copied personal observation. Its a good one though, sounds real smart and advanced.

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