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    Default Upgrade my 8500?

    Hey, I'm running an older 8500, and I was wondering if it's worth the coinage to upgrade to a 9500ci. The way I have my 8500 mounted has been bugging me, since it's pretty ghetto (inside the bubble of my windscreen), and the GPS features sound good.

    On the flip side, my current RD seems to be doing just fine. At least, in all the ways that I could use to explain it to SWMBO.

    So... anyone have some advise on whether I should bother upgrading? Bonus points for how to make it palatable to my wife!

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    Default Re: Upgrade my 8500?

    If it's working fine, I wouldn't upgrade. Unless you're starting to see threats in your area for which the 8500 doesn't protect adequately against, I don't recommend spending the money on something new. If you don't have a good set of laser jammers that might be worth the investment, but I honestly cannot justify upgrading from your current detector.



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