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    Default Visor / Windshield Mounts?

    I am of course thinking about a "new purchase" and thinking about doing a more usable installation in my Saab Turbo.

    The problem has always been is the dash is flat on the top, the windshield is very short, upright and highly curved. So a windshield mount only works well in the middle of the shield, highly visible. I can't just double-stick tape it to the dashboard since it angles downward and the signals would be (partially) blocked by the firewall.

    Putting it on the visor isn't the best solution, since I like having a visor, as well the visor still slopes downward as well.

    I noticed the other day my A-pillar cover had a split in it, a small cut in the vinyl. I was going to replace it with one in my parts car, but then I had an idea.

    I looked through some of my junk in my garage, and found an odd looking arrangement of steel and ABS plastic. It came out of an old Mercedes-Benz where it was hanging off the mirror, I believe it once held a car-phone perhaps.

    Basically it is a flat piece of steel, perhaps 2 inch by 1,5 inch. It is hinged (2 bolts) to another piece of steel, which has another 2-bolt "hinge" to another piece of steel. Screwed to this piece of steel is the plastic part, which is flat, with a ball. The other side has a socket and a flat piece of plastic. So by loosening the collar, you can adjust the angle between the two plastics within it's range of movement.

    I'm thinking to screw that, or part of it into my A-pillar cover. Then attach my RD to the end of the socket, perhaps using double-stick tape on the bottom.

    But that would be rather large, ungainly, visible to outside persons and also, perhaps most importantly, taking up 70% of my forward vision!

    But what about something, that would allow me to use the "quickmount" release, and give me a 90 degree angle to some part of that mount attached to A-pillar. For example, I have a flat piece of steel like | and I want to get something from there into the quickmount socket, keeping the detector level.

    I guess I could weld up something...

    Anyway my original point, can someone get me photos of the visor and windshield mounts for, say, a Bel RX65. Want to see if I can combine some stuff.

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    Default Re: Visor / Windshield Mounts?

    Quote Originally Posted by SmaartAasSaabr
    I am of course thinking about a "new purchase"
    What you're buying another $20.00 PNI off E Bay........ :P

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    Well I am thinking if I can take two of them, cut the top off one antenna and cut the bottom of the other, then solder them together, I'll get twice the range!

    Or maybe I just had a 15 gram joint :wink:



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