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    I usually keep my 9500IX in regular bar graph standard mode, since it is kind of hard to read the signal strength in expert mode. But I was starting to think (I haven't really read or researched anything about this) but will my IX only pick up multiple signals in expert mode? For example if I have it in standard mode and I'm picking up a false alert and a LEO is nearby running radar, am i not going to pick him up? Or will it only pick up the strongest frequency which may possibly (?) be the false alert?

    BTW, loving my IX so far. Haven't really had any real saves yet, but hoping for some soon. All I've picked up was a couple Ka facing forward and some laser scatter from the rear, but overall I'm impressed.

    Also I moved my RD up a little bit on my windshield. The suction cups are sitting on the very bottom of my tint strip (aftermarket tint, comes down about 9 in. on windshield to bottom of RVM) and now it seems my GPS is a little throwed off. It is saying I reached my marked location for a RLC about 75ft. early and at one particular intersection about 100ft. after I pass through the intersection. I'm guessing this is from the dark tint that it is sitting right under. It was not doing this before i moved it up. I'm just trying to mount it as high as I can but i suppose moving it back down an inch or two won't hurt as I'm in a full size truck (03 F-150 crew cab)

    Anyways, sorry for all the questions just trying to learn as much as I can about this thing, as it is quite a sophisticated piece of technology. Thanks

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    Yes, you will pick up multiple signals when using the normal bar graph display.

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    Plus you will get the "multiple frequencies detected" voice alert in expert mode. Standard mode blows. Expert or Spec mode all the way.

    The top front part of the detector should have a clear view of the sky for best GPS. If it's blocked you may notice lag ... things like your detector still showing 5 mph when you are at a dead stop, longer signal acquisition, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Obsidian View Post
    Plus you will get the "multiple frequencies detected" voice alert in expert mode. Standard mode blows. Expert or Spec mode all the way.
    X2, Expert mode all the way!

    I love when it announces "multiple frequencies detected" allows me to be more aware of additional and possible threats.



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