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    Default How to clear the database?

    first off...this site is awesome...i've learned so much about r/d and it's very useful.

    after getting a ticket for 104 in a 65 thought i needed to do something...bought a 9500ix and i plan on getting the LI soon. I didn't get the ci because of the zr-4's.

    now that i've had my r/d for a while a couple of notes...don't use auto learn. the other day coming home i saw a leo on the opposite side of the road targeting cars going in the opposite direction...thought i would go up the road about a mile and make a u-turn to see how far my r/d would pick up the never did...i did it three times and all three times the gps icon would spin. not good in my book.

    i drive about 130-150 miles a day and see leo's in the same location all the time...and autolearn is locking out these locations that leo frequents.

    on pg 13 of the user manual is says to press the sen,brt,mute button at the same time and confirm pressing the gps button to delete current marks including auto learn marked locations. i did this everyway possible for 15 minutes and couldn't get any confirmation...and on the way to work today noticed the locations are still stored.

    does anybody know how to delete the database of stored marks from autolearn...i will mark them myself from now on.

    thanks in advance for your help and thanks to this board for giving me such a good education on r/d and how to use them in conjunction with a good eye!

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    Default Re: How to clear the database?

    OK, someone more experienced will correct me if I'm wrong but what I think you need to do is:

    Connect to pc and open Detector tools. Go to the options tab and check the True locks box. Then go to Advanced Tab and select "Remove".

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    Default Re: How to clear the database?

    Go to and read the manual for the 9500iX. It tells you how to clear the database.

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    Default Re: How to clear the database?

    I would use detector tools to delete like what taylormade said, it also gives you options on what to delete.
    However this should of worked but there would be no confirmation i believe.

    Clearing The Database
    At some point you may want to clear all of
    the data in PASSPORT’S database. This
    includes all markers and your false alarm
    locations. In order to do this, simply press
    and hold the “SEN”, “BRT” and MUTE
    buttons at the same time. To confirm this
    action, press the “GPS” button.

    Don't use AutoLearn till they fix the bug via USB. the fix will be available soon, i hope...
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    Default Re: How to clear the database?

    drive same location where your 9500ix is mark or have been auto learn if you see the icon start spinning press mute button twice and it will ask you to unmarked this location press mute button again to unmarked the location......

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    Default Re: How to clear the database?

    Seems like I heard that if you hold down the SEN, BRT, and MUTE buttons for 5 secs it erases it.

    EDIT: never mind...saw above post.



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