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    Default horrible radio reception with smart-cord

    hey everyone.. sorry if this issue has come up already...

    a few years back i went to hardwire an escort solo s2 into my dad's 2000 caddy deville with a smart cord. it worked perfectly, but when it was plugged in, it basically killed every bit of reception in the radio.

    at first, we though the smart cord was somehow interfering with the in-glass radio antenna, so we simply just let it go.

    recently my dad bought an 07 cadillac sts. we tried using the smart cord again, and same issue. again, we thought it had something to do with cadillac's on glass antenna.

    i told my dad to plug the smartcord into my wrx, and sure enough, it did the same thing.

    has anyone experieced this? do you think passport will accept the cord back?

    thanks for the help.

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    Default Re: horrible radio reception with smart-cord

    bump, anyone run into this issue?

    we called escort, and they said we could sed in the detector+ cord+ 60 bucks to have the issue sorted out... sounds kinda fishy... i would think its supposed to WORK without modification..

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    Default Re: horrible radio reception with smart-cord

    I'd say its a defective cord, check the connection at the phone plug to see that its secure. Recrimp the connector if you have to, and its not worth spending $60 to fix an old solo s2. There's much better RDs out there.

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    Default Re: horrible radio reception with smart-cord

    ferget the solo. Get a V1 hardwired



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