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    Default Weak Ka detection

    I've got in X50 and I seem to be picking up Ka signals at close to the last second. And they can't be using instant on everytime, especially while driving on the other side of the road. Is my detector defective?

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    Default Re: Weak Ka detection

    Are you getting sudden strong bursts of Ka when you get fairly close to a police cruiser? If so, then they probably are using instant-on regularly. If, on the other hand, you are only getting very weak Ka signals when really close to police cruisers, others have reported that they sometimes get weak Ka signals when really close to police cruisers even though the radar guns are turned off.

    You could try cruising by your local state patrol or local police stations to see if one of the officers left his Ka radar gun turned on. Obviously you will get a good ramp-up and a strong Ka alert as you get closer to the Ka gun which was left on.

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    Default Re: Weak Ka detection

    Might want to figure out which frequency of Ka he was using.

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    Default Re: Weak Ka detection

    if the problem persists, i think u should upgrade to the 9500ix unless those weak Ka signals were I/O alerts

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    Default Re: Weak Ka detection

    Any Ka band speed signs in your area? Those are good for testing range against constant-on.



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